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How to turn your commercial rental income into a tax exempt revenue stream

With increase in superannuation contributions caps from 1 July 2014 there has not been better time to transfer your commercial property into super to enjoy a potentially tax exempt revenue stream over the years to come.

This tax-effective property transfer requires careful structuring to enjoy the stamp duty savings and can be implemented as a one-off or a piece-meal transaction.

Stamp duty legislation in most states and territories provides a stamp duty exemption where a commercial property is transferred into a self-managed superannuation fund as an in-specie contribution.

There may or may not be capital gains consequences associated with such a transaction depending on a number of specific to you variables. Though in most cases, the achieved tax-exempt status of the recurrent rental revenue will far outweigh the of one-off capital gains tax amount that may arise.

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The information provided above is of a general nature only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specific professional advice.